The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on Storm Season

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on Storm Season

Storm Season is upon us!

Not only has Hurricane Season arrived…It is also that time of year when those powerful thunder storms pop up out of no where. As we saw a few weeks ago those storms can sometimes cause more chaos. Parts of the city were without power for days.

They roll in with a vengeance and leave as quickly as they came, leaving a mess behind.

So from personal experience, here are a few quick tips to prepare your home for storm season.

Having just moved to a new home surrounded by trees, which I was SO excited about because of the shade and asthetic appeal. Hours spent picking up limbs and two bonfire size piles later, lets just say I have a new found respect for wind. Make sure to keep your trees trimmed back and cut down dead or dying trees or limbs, because when the wind does it for you, they don’t necessarily fall where you would like them too.

Along with the new home, comes new purchases to “spruce” it up. I had just recently purchased some whiskey barrel planters and placed them on the back porch, excited to fill them with flowers to brighten things up. It never crossed my mind that these barrels would be something to be concerned about “blowing away”. To my surprise, the barrel was flipped and rolled into the yard. Not that this is in any way impossible but it gave me a new outlook as to what things should be secured. Before the second wave of storms moved through. Lets just say, if it wasn’t nailed down it was in the Garage.

Storm Preparation InfographicAmerican Modern Home Insurance Co. sent out a helpful infographic to remind you of things to tend too and check out. Now, I have of course reviewed this and know that an underground shelter or storm cellar is not really a viable option for us here in South Louisiana as it may just become an indoor swimming pool. An alternative suggestion for this is to get to the inner most part of your house be it a bath room or a closet.

Stay safe this Storm Season!

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