Protecting Your Home Away from Home

From weekends at the local camp ground to cross country family adventures

Some of my fondest memories as a child were camping with my parents and grandparents. Campers and motorhomes are your home away from home.

There are so many aspects to camping that as a child you take for granted. Now as an adult, who hopes to one day own a camper or motorhome I realize through my research the expense that camping can bring. From the cost of the camper or motorhome, to the upkeep and maintenance of it, to all of the contents. Until you sit down and think about it you don’t realize everything you purchase to go into a camper Dishes, towels, extension cords, Grills, Chairs for sitting under the awning, and so on.

There are several things to think about. How do I insure my camper? What happens if a storm tears my awning off? What if I am in an accident while pulling my camper? Do I have liability coverage if someone gets hurt? Here is some food for thought, and information to help answer these questions.

Did you know…?

Your RV can be added as an endorsement to an auto policy, but this method usually does not provide the specific coverages your RV deserves! Many coverages available on an auto policy do not even apply to your RV unless it is physically attached to your vehicle at the time of loss. In fact, one of the largest types of claims for incidental damages on a travel trailer (damaged awnings, which tend to happen when the trailer is parked and unattached) typically get heavily depreciated by auto carriers, if they are covered at all!

Your RV coverage should be tailored to fit the way you use your RV, whether as a residence or a vehicle to travel in. There are many varying types and styles of RV, from old pop-ups to brand new three-slide motorhomes, and different customers need different coverage options*. Ask us about:

Total Loss Replacement: Replaces your totaled RV (under 5 years) with a similar RV. If your RV is older than 5 years, you will get the full original purchase price without depreciation.

Purchase Price Guarantee: Full cost covered to replace your totaled RV, up to ten years old, with a similar RV valued up to the full original purchase price without depreciation

Enhanced Replacement: Additional settlement payments up to 20% above the current market value to replace your totaled RV

Agreed Value: For those customized or unique RVs that can’t be valued using regular Blue Book means

Actual Cash Value: Settlement based on the current market value of your RV

Extended coverages* that may be available on your RV specific policy include Personal Effects Replacement, Roadside Assistance, Pet Injury coverage, Windshield coverage, Vacation Liability and even a Full-Timer’s Package for those who use an RV as their primary residence.

*Not all coverages are available through all companies

Quality over Quantity

A lot of times when making an investment such as a camper, we become so money conscious because the camper itself cost a lot of money. It is important not to fall into the trap of shopping price, because every policy is not created equal. A significantly cheaper price could be taking away enhancements or endorsements that are needed to protect your investment.

To make sure that you have the coverages that you need or want, make sure to read your policy and discuss your coverages with your insurance agent. Your agent is there to provide you with the information so that you can make the best decision for you and your family. Give Ozark Insurance Agency a call today to discuss your Camper or RV coverages or to get an RV Quote.

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