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In Louisiana, child daycare center insurance agents at Ozark Insurance Agency have the answers you need to make sure your business, and your young charges, are properly protected.

What Type of Child Daycare Insurance Coverage Do I Need in Louisiana?

The State of Louisiana insists you have two specific types of insurance:

  • Commercial Liability Insurance. also, known as General Liability Insurance — this offers a broad range of protections against lawsuits, compensation claims and other costs arising from your business activities. It includes the cost of medical care for children injured while in your care.
  • Workers Compensation Insurance, to pay employees while they’re away due to work-related injuries.

Extra Child Daycare Center Insurance Needs

However, you need several other types of insurance to protect your childcare business and its reputation.

You have many options, which the child daycare center insurance agents at Ozark Insurance Agency will explain and explore with you to make sure you get the coverage you need.

These include:

  • Property Insurance — coverage for your buildings and contents including office and play equipment and personal property. Requirements vary depending on whether you own or rent your premises.
  • Commercial Vehicle Insurance — for vehicles you or your employees use to transport children to and from your center, on field trips, to medical facilities or any other business related purpose.
  • Hired and Non-Owned Insurance — as above, but for employee-owned or rented vehicles used for your business needs.
  • Professional Liability Insurance — also known as Errors and Omissions Insurance, it protects against allegations of professional negligence.
  • Abuse and Sexual Misconduct Insurance — may be covered in your professional liability policy. Otherwise, this protection can be provided separately. Policies can also include insurance for other types of physical abuse, such as striking a child.
  • Employment Practices Liability Insurance — increasingly important these days to protect against employee or job-applicant allegations of discrimination.
  • Business Income Protection — to compensate you for loss of income when an insured event disrupts your activities.
  • Umbrella Insurance — adds another layer of liability coverage when a claim exceeds the limits of your main insurance policies.
  • Accident Policy – acts as a insurance policy for your General Liability insurance policy. It helps to offset the cost of medical bills in the event of accidental injury.

Additional coverage can be arranged, even at short notice, for special events or field trips.

Do I Need Child Daycare Insurance for My Home-Based Business?

You must be licensed to operate a childcare business at home, and you need the right insurance to secure your license.

Existing homeowners insurance coverage will not cover a home based daycare.

The agents at Ozark Insurance Agency will help you identify and secure the coverage you need.

Why is Ozark Best for My Child Daycare Insurance?

The US Small Business Administration says: “Finding a good insurance agent is as important as finding a good lawyer or accountant.”

With Ozark Insurance Agency, our reputation for reliability, integrity and customer service is second to none. You’re in good hands.


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