Louisiana Landscaping Insurance

April Showers Bring May Flowers and the need for Landscaping Insurance and Lawn Care Insurance

Landscaping Insurance and lawn care insurance Well, not exactly. If you live in South Louisiana, many plants are already in full bloom. With our warmer winters, Grass Cutting and Lawn Care Season can start as early as February, making this industry nearly year round. As the grass begins to grown, remember to protect your business with Louisiana Landscaping Insurance and Lawn Care Insurance. Call Ozark Insurance Agency today at 225-775-7614 for your free insurance quote.

  • Someone trips or falls in the area where you are working, and sues you
  • Your equipment gets damaged
  • Your employee gets hurt on the job
  • Typical fender bender to your work vehicle
  • Bonds can cover one of your employees stealing from your customer
  • If you damage the property of your client

Give Your Louisiana Landscaping Business Full Protection

Rocks flying into windows, nearby cars or worse another person can hit your wallet hard. Make sure that you have general liability coverage included in your Landscaping Insurance policy to soften the blow. You don’t intend to cause damage, however those pesky little rocks show up where you least expect them. Rocks are not your only concern; the list of things that can go wrong are endless. Let the professionals at Ozark Insurance Agency go to work for you. We have over 41 years of experience, so we know how to find the best Lawn Care Insurance at an affordable price. Call us today at 225-775-7614 or simply fill out the quote request form above.

As trucks hauling trailers overloaded with equipment flood the streets, don’t forget about your equipment and employees. Cover your entire business with Baker Landscape Insurance. Ozark Insurance Agency can offer other insurance such as Equipment Insurance, Workers Compensation Insurance and Business Auto Insurance. Let us put together a full package for your landscaping businesses.

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