Affordable Louisiana Restaurant Insurance

Are you struggling trying to find the right insurance for your restaurant business? Are you unsure about what restaurant insurance you need? Are you worried about paying too much?

Worry not. Ozark Insurance Agency has been the trusted source of Louisiana Restaurant Insurance for more than 40 years — and we’re here for you right now with the answers and protection you need.

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What Types of Restaurant Insurance Do I Need in Louisiana?

There are two important things you need to know.

First, you’ll need the same kind of insurance that many other businesses require to protect yourself against liabilities and property loss or damage.

Second, there are a number of types of coverage that are specific to the restaurant and bar trade — many of these are optional but all in need of consideration when dealing with restaurants. Your friendly Ozark insurance agent will help you.

Whether you are a small Deli, Fast food restaurant, Fine dining restaurant or a caterer, we can help you secure a policy for a wide variety of restaurant and catering establishments.

Louisiana Restaurant Insurance Options

Here’s a quick run-down of the essentials and the options for protection for your Restaurant or catering business:

  • General Liability Insurance — protection against lawsuits and compensation claims for accidental bodily injuries and property damage for which you’re held to blame
  • Property Insurance — covers your building and contents against theft, fire, vandalism and other perils.
  • Workers Compensation Insurance — to pay employees while they’re away due to work-related injuries. Legally required in Louisiana
  • Tenants Betterment and Improvements Coverage — even if you rent instead of owning your building, you may need protection for the investments you’ve made in improving it.
  • Liquor liability — if you have a bar or serve liquor you need this protection against damage or injury by an inebriated guest.
  • Food contamination liability — usually an endorsement of your General Liability Insurance to protect against claims of illness caused by the food you served.
  • Spoilage – including loss from breakdown of refrigeration equipment
  • Commercial Auto Insurance and Hired & Non-Owned Insurance — for restaurant owned vehicles, and for when employees use their own vehicles on restaurant business or when you rent an auto.
  • Business Income Insurance — to compensate you for loss of income when an insured event disrupts your activities.
  • Employment Practices Liability Insurance — increasingly important these days to protect against employee or job-applicant allegations of discrimination.
  • Cyber Liability — protection against the increasingly common risks associated with a breach of your computer systems, for theft of data or other criminal purpose.

We can also arrange short-notice insurance for special events on- or off-premises, as well as a wide range of employee related insurance from Employee Benefits Liability to employee theft insurance.

Why is Ozark your source for Restaurant Insurance?

The Ozark team has almost 50 years’ experience working with Louisiana restaurants and catering businesses to create polices suited to their individual needs.


  • We can often secure generous discounts in return for higher deductibles.
  • We work with multiple Restaurant and Bar Insurance companies, so we can shop around to secure the most competitive rates available.
  • We continuously monitor business insurance rates to ensure our clients continue to get best value for money.
  • We’ll answer all your questions and advise you if you need to make a claim.

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