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As the weather warms up we start to see the roads fill with pristine vehicles of various ages, makes and models for those sunny afternoon rides. In just a quick internet search one can find at least 16 car shows in Louisiana over the next 3 months. Owners will line their cars up to show off the custom paint jobs, custom interiors and nifty car accessories.

As you detail your prized possession, and ready it for its spring debut, it might also be time to reevaluate your Classic Auto Insurance or Exotic Auto Insurance. Because of its collectors value, your classic car deserves better insurance than your daily driver. Ozark Insurance Agency can provide you with a comprehensive Baker Classic Car Insurance.

Whether you know it or not, all Automobile Insurance policies are not created equal. If you insured your classic car is on a regular Vehicle Insurance policy, you would receive a depreciated value, based on its age and mileage. It would not matter if your car was the nicest classic car of its vintage. If it was totaled, a regular policy would pay you almost nothing. However, there is a better way.  Purchasing Antique Car Insurance or Exotic Car Insurance  protects your prized possession that can give you peace of mind.

Ozark Insurance Agency will not let this happen. We are classic car enthusiasts ourselves. We love and know the value of classic cars and exotic cars. Our Baker Antique Auto Insurance is written on a true classic car policy, based on your car’s real collector “agreed value.” This means that the policy is written on a value that you and the insurance company agrees upon. If your classic car is totaled, they pay the value shown on the policy. You cannot get any better than that. You will have the money to truly replace your car, and get into your next car show.

Our Baker Classic Auto Insurance is the only insurance to have if you own a classic car

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