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Our Central City Home Insurance will cover homes in all areas inside and outside of the newly incorporated city limits including Pride, Baton Rouge, Greenwell Springs, Baker and Zachary.

As we watch our small town slowly turning into a more metropolitan area, we now contend with a number of changes to our small town.

  • Increased Traffic
  • Drastic increase in population
  • Increased new Construction

These are things that we often don’t see causing us increased risk. However, they all put our Home and everything we worked so hard for at increased risk. In this sue happy world that we live in, it is imperative to protect your home with a Central City Homeowners Insurance Policy that includes Homeowners Liability Coverage.

In addition to Liability hazards, any home owner in Central City could be affected by anything Mother Nature can send our way.

Central City is no Stranger to Natural disasters, however we are learning from watching other Cities around the country that Mother Nature is becoming more unpredictable.

  • Hurricanes
  • Lightning strikes, causing fires that burn houses to the ground
  • Popup Thunderstorms with high winds
  • Tornadoes

As we enter into Hurricane season, a time where our weather can become increasingly unpredictable, be sure that you a covered by a Homeowners Insurance Policy. Let Ozark Insurance Agency find you the right coverage for your home, call us at 225-775-7614

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As we enter into the, miserably hot days of Summer, we retreat to our Swimming pools, trampolines and ponds to cool off and enjoy some summer fun. Sometimes we forget that these joys of summer, can put our home at risk. Accidental drownings and broken arms are only two of possibilities that can put your home and everything you worked for at risk.

The best way to protect your future is to protect your home and assets with a Central City Homeowners Insurance policy. The knowledgeable staff at Ozark Insurance Agency is happy to help you understand what coverages, deductibles and exclusions your Central City property insurance policy contains.

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We provide Central City home insurance by vigorously pursuing value added protection for you and your home. For example, Have you added an out door Kitchen? Have you installed a swimming pool or a pond? If so, you might need a Central City homeowners insurance policy adjustment.

We all have birthdays and special occasions, where we receive gifts or treat ourselves to something new. TVs, new Furniture, even a new set of pots and pans increase the value of our contents over time. You may need to increase your Personal Property limits.

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